About Annette Masi: Beauty and Soul

Who is Annette Masi?

I am a mother, teacher, Motivational Minister, and natural-born psychic, but I honestly can't stand that term. Really, I am just blessed to be able to connect to energy and understand what is being presented to me by the universe. Ever since I was a child, I always asked people what their middle name was because it helped me to feel comfortable around them. Without knowing, they were giving me the ability to connect to their energy and find out who they were on the inside, not just who they presented themselves as. As I grew older, I learned that I could direct that energy further for various other types of readings to help people gain insight or perspective. I focus on helping people recognize and enhance their inner and outer beauty, naturally.



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Annette Masi


Lady of the Light Soul Readings

Annette Masi: Beauty


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